Welcome to your Revolution

Have you ever thought that you would love to decorate a space for yourself but you just don't know how and you don't know where to even start?

Room Revolution will walk you through creating your own design of a room from start to finish through self-guided, videos and visualizations.

The best part is that this isn't about a bunch of dry design theory

it's about learning a new perspective on the relationship between your home and yourself in a way that is reactive and on-going.

You can change the dynamic between you and the world around you.

This course will help you create re-usable tools that apply to your space and yourself.

Translate your true essence into new, creative spaces with just one course

This isn't your mom's stuffy interior design coffee table book or a complicated design theory program. Here's your self-guided, online ticket to revolutionizing your relationship with yourself through your living space.

Course Content

This course is not about buying things. It focuses on empowering you to enjoy the process.

You'll learn to translate the feelings you want to experience in the space >> into a room.

You'll work through 4 modules plus a wrap-up to learn about yourself, build out your room plan and implement your revolution.

We'll break down how design affects us so you can rethink how you decorate. Use an exclusive NLP-Powered visualization to break down how design affects you and how you want to feel in your room.

You'll learn to translate those feelings into images that form your own Visual Mantra that serves as visual cues and design inspiration for your own personal style (that's much more 'you' than those tired, cliche design labels)

Your Visual Mantra will inspire a room plan that is dynamic, personal and inspirational. You'll also learn the secrets to smart floor-planning that flows AND is functional.

Learn secrets to creating functional layouts for any room. How to take architecture into account and then how to make sure that it's supporting the way you want to live in that space. Also get tips on how to shop: getting clear about what you're looking for and how to move through overwhelm as you do it!




  • You're sick of keeping yourself and your space small, and sometimes feel like you need permission to make bold decisions in your design
  • You struggle to find empowerment in the world around you. And your living space is not helping
  • Blank spaces in your home intimidate you. Except at this point they've become a design decision that you've resigned yourself to
  • You fill your space with items you enjoy seeing, yet they have little meaning or intention.



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Room Revolution isn't about the "right" way to do things. You're learning how to shape a space—in your own way. Get clear on how to tap into what you like, what turns you on, and what ignites your truest, most vibrant self (plus, how to make it a fun, ongoing, and lasting experience).

With Room Revolution, you aren't just creating a room, you're doing the crucial work to shift how you value and interact with your surroundings. In this course, you learn to use design as a mindful tool rather than being a victim of unconscious choices and patterns. You'll transform your living area by getting to know your space and your self in a whole new way.

Use your interior as a mirror—reflecting how you’d like to feel and who you want to be. Learn from powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) visualizations paired with 18 years of Interior Design expertise to create your personal Room Revolution.

Client Success Submissions

Upgraded Entry

"I'm still integrating the upgrade in vibe. Such an elevated space! It's so perfect, I feel so embodied!"

Retreat Room

"Mandy helped me uncover my inherent style and aesthetic, which makes all the difference. I'm more confident when it comes to making bold decisions and living with them, literally. What unfolds from there is deeper permission to flow with grounded confirmation in the direction of my dreams." -Kriste

Therapy Space

"I should start filming people's reactions when they walk into my space! Lot's of 'Wow, I wasn't sure I was in the right place. It looks so different!' I feel like now I'm offering my clients a more luxurious experience from the minute they walk in the door!" -Lisa